Monitor & track your marketing, leads and sale team.

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Phone & Text Message System for Car Dealers

Record phone calls

Make sure you're not losing deals by listening to all phone calls and voicemails from any device.

Text message customers

Sell more cars by instantly connecting your sales team with customers via text message.

Track marketing channels

Easily see which marketing channels are making you money and which are burning it up.

Manage dept. extensions

Save time by routing calls to the right people, so they can focus on what matters - selling more cars.

Direct CRM integration

No more third parties. All calls, SMS and voicemails are assigned to source and buyer in your CRM!

Same number call & text

All numbers are voice + text message compatible so you can connect faster with car shoppers.

Tools that help convert leads

If all the phone calls to your dealership are going to the same phone number, this is a problem, and it's costing you leads and marketing dollars.

Imagine being able to have sales calls go directly to all your sales people, financing calls to your F&I department, address and hours inquiries that get auto-responses via text... this would make your operation 10X more efficient.
It only takes minutes to set up, and now that it's all optimized, imagine being able to tell exactly how many calls are coming from which marketing channel like craigslist, autotrader, cargurus, facebook and many more.

This would show you where your marketing dollars are paying off!
Unlike other dealer softwares, this is much more than just tracking numbers! You would also have full control by being able to listen to call recordings, create department extensions, track text message exchanges with customers, set auto-respond text messages for leads - from anywhere or any device.

And best of all, it's an all-in-one. You don't have to worry about third parties, additional contracts or any set-up fees!
Do I have to change or forward my current numbers?
Not at all. Your current numbers will not be affected.
Do I have to purchase any equipment?
Not at all, the entire phone system is digital and accessible from any browser or device.
Can I pick numbers from my own are code?
Absolutely. You will have lots of phone numbers to choose from.
How long does this take to set up and launch?
We can have your entire phone suite launched in less than 10 min.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer dealer phone system software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!
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