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Updated September 13, 2021

Facebook Marketplace Changes & Options

We'll get your cars back on Facebook Marketplace

Get above competitors
Much better targeting
Target shopper directly
Go local or nationwide
Less expensive ads
AIA & Dynamic Ads
Get Qualified Leads
Reach new audience

Advantages of Automotive Inventory Ads

Automotive inventory ads allow us to upload your entire catalog of vehicle inventory with relevant details such as make, model and year, and then show the most compelling inventory and features to the right audiences. We'll drive automotive inventory ads to a lead form, a website or an on-Facebook vehicle detail page.

Your most relevant vehicles are shown to potential auto buyers—allowing you to focus on closing the sale.

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Benefits of Automotive Inventory Ads

Deliver ads to people who want to see them.
With automotive inventory ads, we can automatically serve up ads with real-time availability and pricing to people based on vehicles they show intent to purchase.

Reach people across devices.
Your ads will appear on web and mobile, regardless of the device they used to originally see your product.

Remove the friction of slow mobile page load times.
When we use automotive inventory ads with an on-Facebook destination, we will drive shoppers directly to a mobile-optimized vehicle detail page with the relevant information they need.

Your campaigns are always on.
Your campaigns are automatically set to reach people with the right inventory at the right time, based on the actions they take on your website or app.
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