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Unlimited Referral Program

Get paid $250 for every dealer you refer that becomes a customers, no questions asked, regardless of their plan.
Unlimited earnings
Applies to any plan
We do all the work
Paid out monthly
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Frequently asked questions
When do I get paid?

Commissions are calculated monthly and issued on the last Friday of the month. Example; if 7 of your referrals convert through the month, you'll receive $1,750 in commissions for that month.

I'd like cash payment instead of gift cards.

Cash payments via Zelle or PayPal are available if you refer more than 5 dealers that convert. We require a W9 form for payments exceeding $600/year.

What if the dealer cancels?

Nothing to worry about. If the dealer cancels after one month, you keep your commission. If the same dealer re-activates their plan in the future, that will not qualify for a commission.

How do I track my commissions?

You'll receive a report monthly on the referrals you sent and what stage they are in.

How can I increase the chance of conversions?

The best way to increase the chance of conversion is to let your contact at the dealership know we'll be reaching out. Feel free to even connect us over the phone.

Which dealers don't quality?

The only dealers that don't qualify are the ones who are currently using our platform, or have used it in the last 120 days. If you submit a referral for a non-qualifying dealer - we'll let you know right away.
The contact you provide us must know of you, otherwise the referral will not qualify as a commission.

I need more information

No problem, give us a call at: 650-772-4602

We reserve the right to refuse a referral lead or to conduct business with any referrer at any time, however any and all commissions will be paid out. We will make an effort to connect with all referrals within 24 hours, excluding weekends. While supplies last, can not be combined with any other referral program.