Top Automotive CRM Software for Used Car Dealerships

Get buyers to your door faster and don't let a warm lead go cold again.

The best automotive CRM for used car dealers who sell more.

Our all-in-one automotive CRM guarantees you will convert more calls and finance apps to sales.

People instantly chat, send finance apps and book test-drives directly from your website.

Give potential buyers an easy way to text-message and connect with your sales team.

Discover who's making vs. costing you money, monitor their calls and text messages.

Easy to use Automotive CRM

Let us show you how easy and powerful the Goxee Automotive CRM software really is. You'll be communicating with new leads via phone & text messaging in minutes.

The system will sync duplicates and send finance apps to your desking software so you don't have to worry about double-entry. This crm is built only for the automotive industry, with conversions in mind.

Wherever you're at, auction or vacation... stay in control from your mobile device.

From test-drives to financing and trade-ins, never miss another opportunity.

Get all leads from third-parties (AutoTrader,, CarGurus and others) sent to your CRM.

This is just a small piece of the puzzle. Learn all the secrets behind our 4-step cycle.

Our automotive CRM tools auto-collects car shoppers cell phone numbers from any point of contact such as phone Calls, text messages, emails, finance apps, and others and give you ways to bring leads you thought were gone, back to life.

It’s not just about the amount of leads you’re getting, it’s how many you’re converting. Imagine selling twice as many cars with the leads you’re already getting - without spending any more money on marketing!

Fastest growing automotive dealer CRM software just got sweeter...

The regular price of our Professional plan is $347/mo.
Now, and ONLY for a limited time:
Only $187 a month!
* ONLY valid for new accounts.

Partners that intergrate with us

How long does it take to begin syncing my leads here?
Setup is quick and once completed, you leads will instantly begin populating in your automotive crm so you can connect with them.
Who gets notified when leads come into my dealer CRM?
It's easy to select which salespeople get notified of new leads.
Does it capture calls, emails and text messages?
Yes, all forms of communication get saved to the same lead.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our automotive inventory management software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!
Have more questions?
Let's talk about it... (650) 200-2199

So what's all included?

Inventory Manager
Amount of active vehicles for sale in your inventory. From automated descriptions to inventory health reporting, this is extremely powerful yet simple to manage.
Marketing Integrations
Easily get more exposure by integrating with Craigslist, Facebook,, Autotrader, CarGurus and many others.
Facebook Marketplace
Send your entire inventory to car shoppers on the Facebook Marketplace
Craigslist Monthly Post Credits
One credit equals to one Craigslist post. Additional credit purchased separately. (Craigslist fees not included)
$112 Value
letgo PRO 30-Day Free Trial
Advertise your inventory on letgo PRO, free for 30 days
Website Suite
Professional, custom, mobile friendly and fully optimized dealer website design suite.
CRM Pro™
Monitor your leads  and close more deals with our simple intelligent CRM.
Phone Suite
Add lines and extensions, tracks and records all phone calls and text messages.
Numbers & Usage
Numbers / Minutes & Texts
$147 Value
Customers can message you through SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp and you can respond instantly from your mobile device or CRM.
Consolidate leads from all sources, directly into your CRM.
Your dealerships assistant that monitors data and uncovers opportunities.
Goxee Office Suite
Email, calendar, contacts manager and cloud service included for every user.
People who have access to your dealership software.
Permission Manager
Customize user access to sensitive information.
Activity Log
Monitor all user inventory changes and activity in real time.
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"Goxee's Craigslist software is the #1 reason we're now dominating Craigslist"

Avi Peretz
  |  Auto Plaza PALM DESERT

"Without a doubt the best, most user-friendly and valuable automotive crm available!"

Dimitry Adlivankin
  |  Private Collection

"We never realized how many leads we were missing out on daily, until we switched."

Idan Torgeman
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