About Us

Founded with the mission of providing independent car dealers, large and small, with a powerful all-in-one software to automate their operations, better understand their business, and most importantly - sell more cars with higher profits, faster.

We specialize in working with independent dealers who take their business seriously, and are interested in taking it to the next level. Our success is directly and ultimately measured by the success of the dealerships we serve.


A real hands-on approach to independent dealer success.
Goxee dealers get a dedicated account and support rep, who is in -tune and understands the used car industry and dealer operations. A real person, not just another customer support extension or email. We review your performance weekly and reach out with ideas and insights that help you move your inventory faster.


All-in-one dealer software that delivers results instantly.
A powerful, feature packed and easy to use dealer software that is constantly improved with features that focus on automation, more leads, less marketing spend, and of course - more sales. On average, dealers who join Goxee will sell 2-7 cars more/month depending on the size of your inventory.