The world's best AI sales rep powered by

Unleash the power of AI and guarantee a 500% engagement boost overnight!

Your 24/7 AI sales rep, powered by ChatGPT.

Never miss a lead with the world's best AI sales rep, made specifically for car dealers like you.

ChatGPT Sales Rep AI

Engages leads and sells 24/7


Price-Drop AI

Notifies every working lead when you reduce a price on a vehicle, on your behalf.

Review Request AI

The only way to offset bad reviews, is by getting lots of good reviews. This is how you can automate it.

Similar Vehicle AI

Take the guesswork out of up-selling and cross-selling, and keep that inventory aging down.

Vehicle Becomes Available AI

Interested leads on coming soon vehicles are engaged as when they become available.

Trade-In & Buy-Back AI

Helps keep your past customers loyal so when it comes time to trade or sell their vehicle, they come to you first.

Recovery AI Series

Perfectly timed outreach ensures your warm leads don't go cold because someone forgot to follow-up.

Promotional AI Series

Engages your leads with you during major shopping events throughout the year when they're most likely to buy.

Relationship AI Series

This is the easiest and most effective way to maintain and grow relationships with a huge amount of potential buyers.

Service AI Series

This is the simplest, easiest, and most personalized way to get service bay appointments.

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Industry leader in CRM software for used Car Dealers.

Get buyers to your door faster and don't let a warm lead go cold again.

The best CRM for used car dealers who sell more cars.

Powerful lead machine

Our all-in-one CRM guarantees you will convert more calls and finance apps to sales.

Get buyers to your lot faster

People instantly chat, send finance apps and book test-drives directly from your website.

Create more opportunities

Give potential buyers an easy way to text-message and connect with your sales team.

Monitor your sales team

Discover who's making vs. costing you money, monitor their calls and text messages.

Easy to use Car Dealer CRM

Let us show you how easy and powerful the Goxee Dealer CRM software really is. You'll be communicating with new leads via phone & text messaging in minutes.

The system will sync duplicates and send finance apps to your desking software so you don't have to worry about double-entry.
Connect from anywhere

Wherever you're at, auction or vacation... stay in control from your mobile device.

Automate test drives

From test-drives to financing and trade-ins, never miss another opportunity.


Get all leads from third-parties (AutoTrader,, CarGurus and others) sent to your CRM.

Just a CRM is not enough...

This is just a small piece of the puzzle. Learn all the secrets behind our 4-step cycle.

It will auto-collect car shoppers cell phone numbers from any point of contact such as phone Calls, text messages, emails, finance apps, and others and give you ways to bring leads you thought were gone, back to life.

It’s not just about the amount of leads you’re getting, it’s how many you’re converting. Imagine selling twice as many cars with the leads you’re already getting - without spending any more money on marketing!

Partners that intergrate with us

Questions on the CRM?
How long does it take to begin syncing my leads here?
Setup is quick and once completed, you leads will instantly begin populating in your dealer crm so you can connect with them.
Who gets notified when leads come in?
It's easy to select which salespeople get notified of new leads.
Does it capture calls, emails and text messages?
Yes, all forms of communication get saved to the same lead.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer inventory management software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!

LeadSync™ instant lead capture

Syncing car dealer leads since 2012.

Leads from every marketing site get synced to your Dealer CRM

All your leads in one place

You no longer have to search through your email or log into different accounts to view leads.

Track marketing money

You'll know which marketing company is bringing you the most leads versus the other ones.

Notifies your sales team

Now your team will be notified as soon as a lead comes in so they can respond immediately.

No more duplicate leads

Combines duplicate leads into one so you the history of the lead and customer.

Activates in seconds

Set-up is quick and easy, only takes seconds to activate. No need to install anything at all.

100% Fully Automated

Once activated, your lead flow will be fully automated and efficient so you can focus on sales.

#1 Rated dealer lead-flow tool

Stop losing leads by simply forgetting to follow up and have every lead, from every marketing channel sent directly into your CRM. This way, you'll know exactly what is going on with the lead at any time and where it came from.

All you need to do is add a "unique email" we provide to your marketing channels like CarGurus, AutoTrader, and others and watch the leads roll in.

You'll then be able to know exactly where your money works best. This will automate your leads, help your close more leads, and save money in the process.
Questions about LeadSync™?
Is LeadSync™ hard to set up?
Not at all, it takes seconds and only needs to be done once.
What if I also want my leads emailed as well?
Not a problem, you can have your leads delivered like you have now as well as having them all in your CRM.
Can I choose who receives the leads that come in?
Yes, you can select exactly who on your team will receive the leads.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!

Phone & Text Message System for Car Dealers

Monitor & track your marketing, leads and sale team.

Record phone calls

Make sure you're not losing deals by listening to all phone calls and voicemails from any device.

Text message customers

Sell more cars by instantly connecting your sales team with customers via text message.

Track marketing channels

Easily see which marketing channels are making you money and which are burning it up.

Manage dept. extensions

Save time by routing calls to the right people, so they can focus on what matters - selling more cars.

Direct CRM integration

No more third parties. All calls, SMS and voicemails are assigned to source and buyer in your CRM!

Same number call & text

All numbers are voice + text message compatible so you can connect faster with car shoppers.

Tools that help convert leads

If all the phone calls to your dealership are going to the same phone number, this is a problem, and it's costing you leads and marketing dollars.

Imagine being able to have sales calls go directly to all your sales people, financing calls to your F&I department, address and hours inquiries that get auto-responses via text... this would make your operation 10X more efficient.
It only takes minutes to set up, and now that it's all optimized, imagine being able to tell exactly how many calls are coming from which marketing channel like craigslist, autotrader, cargurus, facebook and many more.

This would show you where your marketing dollars are paying off!
Unlike other dealer softwares, this is much more than just tracking numbers! You would also have full control by being able to listen to call recordings, create department extensions, track text message exchanges with customers, set auto-respond text messages for leads - from anywhere or any device.

And best of all, it's an all-in-one. You don't have to worry about third parties, additional contracts or any set-up fees!
Questions about the Phone System?
Do I have to change my current numbers?
Not at all. Your current numbers will not be affected.
Do I have to purchase any equipment?
Not at all, the entire phone system is digital and accessible from any browser or device.
Can I pick numbers from my own are code?
Absolutely. You will have lots of phone numbers to choose from.
How long does this take to set up?
We can have your entire phone suite launched in less than 10 min.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer dealer phone system software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!