Dealer Google Ads get your cars on top of search results.

Certified dealer Google Ads Agency.

Google Vehicle Ads get you in front of auto shoppers at the right moment.

Vehicle ads help you get in front of auto shoppers online at the right moment, with the correct listings and information to move them closer to a purchase.

Vehicle ads support new and used vehicle inventory from dealers or retailer stock.
More qualified leads

Showing customers essential information and visuals about the car before they click and helps provide more qualified leads

Automated targeting

Vehicle ads automatically show your most relevant listings for a related user search.

Increased exposure

We can serve alongside your text ads on Google

Omnichannel goals

Optimize for both online conversions (leads) and offline conversions (store visits)

Vehicle ads target customers at the bottom of the funnel, closer to selecting a specific vehicle, configuration, and/or dealer. The format appears on searches with a high car shopping intent.

How it works

1. Linking your vehicle catalog to your Google Merchant Center
This is something that we take care of, creating the linking and getting your inventory connected.
2. We'll link the Smart Shopping Campaign with Merchant Center
3. Discovery call to set our objectives
You'll be invited to a discovery call in which we will discuss your budget, objectives, geo-targeting and exactly how you want to recognize and count leads.
4. Campaign rollout
Your campaign will be created and ads launched.
5. Monitoring, testing and reporting
We monitor your campaigns and test out new campaigns and ads to ensure you're getting the lowest cost per lead while giving you access to real-time reporting that's easy to understand.

Vehicles on Google My Business without running ads

Even if you're not ready to start advertising on vehicles on Google through AdWords, you can still get your inventory listed on your Google My Business profile.

This is a car marketplace for new and used cars by Google will enable independent and franchise car dealers to list their inventory directly on their Google My Business listing so that shoppers can see their inventory right on Google GMB.

This has significant benefits, is 100% free, and is included in all our plans.

When shoppers find your dealership, they can view, search and filter what's in stock without leaving the browser or going to other platforms where they can get distracted.

From your Google VDP (Vehicle Display Pages), shoppers can call you, visit your website VDP or share the vehicle with friends.
How much do dealer Vehicle Ads on Google cost?
Cost depends on the budget, and is usually a percentage of your monthly budget. Connect with us to find out more.
What is needed from us, the dealer to get this going?
We need to schedule a meeting and review your local market in order to propose the best direction and budget. Everything else is handled by our team.
How long does it take to set up?
The entire process takes up to 5-7 working days to get your ads live due to the research required to ensure the campaigns and ads are optimized since each dealer and location is different and we don't use the typical copy and past methods.
What makes you different form other providers?
Most agencies simply set a budget, push a button and forget it. We review your ads weekly and continue to improve your ads, campaigns, audience while lowering your cost per lead.
Are there any contracts?
We ask for a 3 month commitment to ensure we have sufficient time to run the split testing and optimizations.
Do we have one-on-one access with our marketing manager?
Yes. Depending on your monthly spend, you'll have direct access to your dedicated ads expert.
Which vehicles and/or dealers can participate in either program by Google?
Great question, for an in-depth answer please visit Google's Vehicle Ads Policies for more information.
Can I run Vehicle Ads on Google myself?
There is a way to self manage these ads, but you must make sure your inventory is connected with your Google My Business profile, which can only be sent through a verified partner. To better understand how the Vehicle Ads on Google works, check out Google's Implementation Guide for Vehicle Ads.
Are there certain image guidelines to follow?
Yes, they're straightforward, and most dealers already have them anyways. You can find more information on the Vehicles on Google Image Guidelines here.
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