Dealer Facebook Vehicle AIA Ads that get your inventory on top.

Certified dealer Facebook Ads Agency since 2018.

Dealer Facebook AIA Ads Benefits

Generate trade-in and sales leads with a proven approach that re-engages shoppers who know you and puts you in front of those who don't but are ready to buy.
Dedicated Ad Campaign Reps

Our team handles everything from creation, management and reporting.

Machine Learning & Automation

AIA ads show real-time vehicle availability and pricing to warm shoppers

Cost Per Lead Tracking

Know exactly how many leads are coming from Facebook vs. other channels

Automatic Inventory Catalog

Hourly inventory to facebook every hour so your ads are always up-to-date

Customized Campaign Options

We get you more leads by testing broad vs. hyper-local audiences

How it works

1. We discuss your dealership model, inventory and audience
Understanding this, will let us create more optimized and targeted ads, getting you more leads for less dollars - compared to the competition.
2. Select a Facebook Ads marketing budget
We'll make a few suggestions on targeted audiences and locations you should advertise to depending on your dealership model, and let you know what kind of a budget should be set.
3. Vehicle Catalog, audience and campaign Creation
Next we link your inventory and begin setting up your Facebook Ads campaign using the budget and objectives we discussed in steps one and two.
4. Ad Creation and publishing
This is where we fine-tune the ads we'll be serving to the audience, and create split testing so we know what converts best.
5. Monitoring, testing and reporting
We continue to monitor your campaigns and test out new campaigns and ads to ensure you're getting the lowest cost per lead, while giving you access to real-time reporting that's easy to understand.

What type of ads do your offer?

Photo Ads

These are static single images, plus a caption

Video Ads

Range in terms of length and can be set to appear in-stream, in user feeds, or in Stories

Stories Ads

Customizable ads that take up the whole screen. They can be videos or static images and tapping on Stories ads brings the user to your site.

Messenger Ads

These ads appear between conversations on the Facebook Messenger App.

Carousel Ads

Ads are comprised of up to ten static images that the user can scroll through.

Slideshow Ads

These ads show short video-like clips made with motion, sound, and text.

Collection Ads

Showcase multiple products in a single ad, all of which can be individually interacted with by a user.

Regardless which ad type we decide will performs best for your dealership, we'll then choose where to send the Facebook car shopper to when they click on the ad.

Some of the destinations that are best converters include:
On-Facebook VDP

Shopper view your vehicles directly on the Facebook VDP (Vehicle Display Page) and decide if they want to call, text or visit your website

To your website VPD

Sending shoppers to your website VDP can ensure additional lead conversion tracking if set up correctly

Direct to Facebook Messenger

Open a direct chat with car shoppers. This is not the first choice as it delivers a high rate of conversations which require manpower with non-qualified leads

Interest Form Submission

Submitting their information which is sent to your FB or CRM of your choice. this is another low-quality lead acquisition destination we don't reccomend

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on the budget, and is usually a percentage of your monthly budget. Connect with us to find out more.
What is needed from us, the dealer to get this going?
We need to schedule a meeting and review your local market in order to propose the best direction and budget. Everything else is handled by our team.
How long does it take to set up?
The entire process takes up to 2-4 working days to get your ads live.
What makes you different form other providers?
Most agencies simply set a budget, push a button and forget it. We review your ads weekly and continue to improve your ads, campaigns, audience while lowering your cost per lead.
Are there any contracts?
No. We suggest sticking with it for at least two to three months in order to fully optimize.
Do we have one-on-one access with our marketing manager?
Yes. Depending on your monthly spend, you'll have direct access to your dedicated ads expert.
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