#1 Inventory Management Software for Dealers

Dealer inventory management software since 2012.

Easy & powerful way to manage your dealership vehicle inventory

Add vehicles in seconds

Stay accurate and save time with instant vehicle decoding using our best-in-class car vin decoder.

Feed inventory everywhere

Your vehicles get marketed faster with quick-feed technology to all major marketing websites.

NO installation required

Our dealer inventory management software is 100% cloud based, Access it from any device!

Automated car descriptions

Your vehicles will stand out over other dealers with descriptions that are perfect, yet automated.

Calculate monthly payments

Generate more finance apps by using default & custom monthly payment options.

Inventory health monitoring

Turn inventory faster by being notified of important vehicle stats and areas that need attention.

Certified Partner Inventory Sync

Fastest growing dealer website software of 2019 just got sweeter...

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Window sticker & guides

Print professionally designed window stickers and buyers guides in seconds.

Track vehicle expenses

Stop having surprise losses on vehicles by always knowing the bottom line on a vehicle level.

Automated vehicle videos

Get more leads with a professional car-ad video that's instantly published to youtube

Real-time updates

Changes to your vehicles show instantly on your website and get sent to marketing feeds.

Selling more cars, faster - is the name of the game and having an easy to use, accurate and powerful car dealer inventory management software is one of the most important decisions you can make as a car dealer.

Not all dealer inventory management software is equal, and to get ahead in today's competitive used car market, you need a inventory software that will communicate not just with your website but all your marketing partners, banks, desking and other software providers.
Your focus should be getting amazing buys and selling units fast, with high margins - not wasting time learning new software. Let us put your vehicle inventory management on autopilot and get you back control of your dealership.
Do I have to re-enter my entire inventory?
Not, our dealer inventory manager with auto-import everything.
How fast can we have our inventory moved over?
Typically, inventory imports take less than 10 minutes. Our support team will handle everything for you.
Do I have to learn something new?
No. If you're using an inventory management software you're using now, you'll be shocked at how much easier this is.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer inventory management software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!

Car Dealer Inventory Health

Automated vehicle health & statistic that drive better decisions.

Dealer inventory software to stop inventory aging.

Don't lose car shoppers

Easily see what your inventory is missing so that car shoppers don't just scroll past your ads.

Turn vehicles faster

Keeping an eye on your inventory aging and making price updates will help turn inventory faster.

Is a vehicle too cheap?

Compare views vs. leads and know if you're underpriced or overpriced certain vehicles.

Lots of leads, no sales...

Discover vehicles that get leads but don't sell so you know which changes to make to move it.

You probably have your inventory advertised to many different marketing sites and are paying thousands of dollars monthly for it.

Do you know exactly what's missing?
Which cars are over/under priced?
Why some vehicles can't sell?

Let's connect and we'll show you have to take full control of your dealership inventory and get your vehicles re-optimized and ready to sell.
Are all vehicles makes and years tracked?
Yes, every vehicle in your inventory will have a health score and statistics at all times.
How often is my inventory health & stats updated?
Updated happen every 2 minutes!
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer inventory management software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!

Best all-in-one dealer user management software

Trusted dealer software since 2012.

Easily manage your team permissions

Set user permissions

Control who has access to which part of your dealership operation with custom permissions.

Connect team calendars

Share test drive and sales appointments so your entire dealership is on the same page.

Unlimited cloud storage

Your entire staff can upload, save and share unlimited files to your dedicated dealership cloud.

Contacts Management

Save contacts and leads in one place so you never lose a phone number of lead email.

Employee Departments

Each user is easily assigned to a department which gives them access to special tools.

Full control - all in one place.

Managing your dealership team is easier than ever by using the only all-in-one dealer software instead of having to log into multiple vendors.

You can add users, create company emails for them, give them cloud storage and calendar access, select their department and set their permissions.

This gives your full control of your dealership.
How long does the suite take to set up?
We can have your entire dealership set up and live in less than 10 minutes!
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer dealer phone system software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!

More Partners = More Sales

Trusted dealer software since 2012.

Automated marketing

Your entire inventory, instantly published to the largest marketing channels.

Instant vehicle feeds

Receive or send your inventory to third parties with the click of a button, fully automated.

VHR Integrations

Display your vehicle history reports throughout your website and gain shopper trust.

Social media posting

Share and post your inventory to social media channels and get more attention.

Video syndication

Automated video creation that published to YouTube, getting you more visitors and leads.

Certified Partners

What is optimized automation?

Even though you may currently have integrations with the partners above, the trick that makes Goxee Dealer's succeed is by HOW we integrate.

Sending your inventory is not enough. Let us help you optimize your inventory with custom watermarks that get more clicks, tracking numbers that connect you with shoppers faster and so much more.

This is guaranteed to get more click and leads, without spending any additional money. Our proven system will change your business in 14 days, guaranteed!
Do I have to cancel my current dealer software?
No, we recommend trying ours at the same time and comparing which works better for you.
Do I have to do this on my own?
Absolutely not, your dedicated Goxee Dealer rep will handle the entire integration for you.
What if I don't like it?
There's no risk. We let the increase in leads and sales do the talking.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer dealer phone system software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!