Car Dealer Inventory Health

Automated vehicle health & statistic that drive better decisions.

Dealer inventory software to stop inventory aging.

Don't lose car shoppers

Easily see what your inventory is missing so that car shoppers don't just scroll past your ads.

Turn vehicles faster

Keeping an eye on your inventory aging and making price updates will help turn inventory faster.

Is a vehicle too cheap?

Compare views vs. leads and know if you're underpriced or overpriced certain vehicles.

Lots of leads, no sales...

Discover vehicles that get leads but don't sell so you know which changes to make to move it.

You probably have your inventory advertised to many different marketing sites and are paying thousands of dollars monthly for it.

Do you know exactly what's missing?
Which cars are over/under priced?
Why some vehicles can't sell?

Let's connect and we'll show you have to take full control of your dealership inventory and get your vehicles re-optimized and ready to sell.
Are all vehicles makes and years tracked?
Yes, every vehicle in your inventory will have a health score and statistics at all times.
How often is my inventory health & stats updated?
Updated happen every 2 minutes!
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer inventory management software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!