Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads - Key Advantages

Automotive inventory ads are a type of dynamic ad optimized for car shoppers on Facebook.

Automotive inventory ads are a type of dynamic ad optimized for people in the market for a vehicle. Like other ads, automotive inventory ads use vehicle catalogs from Marketplace, and user engagement on Facebook to show ads to in-market shoppers like your recent website, app, and Marketplace visitors.


Automotive inventory ads allow dealers to upload their entire catalog of vehicle inventory with relevant details such as year, make, model, and trim. Then show the most compelling inventory and features to the right audiences. You can drive automotive inventory ads to a lead submission form, a website, or an on-Facebook vehicle detail page (VDP).

With a single integration, your most relevant vehicles are shown to potential auto buyers allowing you to focus on closing the sale.


  • Deliver ads to people who want to see them. With automotive inventory ads, you can automatically serve up ads with real-time availability and pricing to people based on vehicles they show intent to purchase.
  • Reach people across devices. Your ads will appear on the web and mobile to initially see your product, regardless of their device.
  • Remove the friction of slow mobile page load times. When you use automotive inventory ads with an on-Facebook destination, you will drive shoppers directly to a mobile-optimized vehicle detail page with the relevant information they need.
  • Your campaigns are always on. Your campaigns are automatically set to reach people with the right inventory at the right time, based on the actions they take on your website or app.
  • Note: If you use dynamic ads with an e-commerce product catalog and pixel set up to promote your vehicles, we highly recommend switching to automotive inventory ads.

From Our Experience

Having a dedicated team of experts on your campaign at any point gives you the right advantage that you need. Nowadays, the dealers who advertise and pay for the FB ads will position them above dealers who do not.

Everything starts with dealers that take care of their social media; this creates a safe road for us to have great results advertising further. 

Finding your thin and robust spots, determine the strategy, and optimize your Facebook campaign. Therefore campaigns here at Goxee are unique and suitable just for your dealership. 

Preparing yourself for the Marketplace changes on September 13 will bring you ahead of other dealers. Read more about this in the other article. 

Automotive Inventory Ads on Marketplace (AIA)

Facebook AIAs are automated and create a catalog that supports the vehicle tab on your dealership page to showcase your entire inventory. These AIAs are not a Marketplace listing, but they will appear in Marketplace and across other placements on Facebook. By utilizing this tool, you can get your live inventory in front of users on Marketplace and across the rest of Facebook. We have found AIAs to be a compelling method of Facebook marketing that will allow you to utilize Marketplace effectively in the wake of this change.

Conclusion and what to do…

The automotive industry is one of the biggest and most profitable in the world. However, the competition is fierce and, to make the best out of your marketing campaigns, you need to come up with something new to attract the audience and convince them to click on your advertisement.

Our experience above will give you the proper guidance and right directions on where to start and how to go about it. At the same time, if you think that you don’t have time to do all of these things yourself, create all of these things, let us know we can help you out.

Visit our Goxee website, and start with Automotive Inventory Ads right now.