Best all-in-one dealer email & user management software

Trusted dealer software since 2012.

Easily manage your team emails, calendars and permissions

All emails in one place

Create and manage dealership emails "" for your entire team with one click.

Set user permissions

Control who has access to which part of your dealership operation with custom permissions.

Connect team calendars

Share test drive and sales appointments so your entire dealership is on the same page.

Unlimited cloud storage

Your entire staff can upload, save and share unlimited files to your dedicated dealership cloud.

Contacts Management

Save contacts and leads in one place so you never lose a phone number of lead email.

Employee Departments

Each user is easily assigned to a department which gives them access to special tools.

Full control - all in one place.

Managing your dealership team is easier than ever by using the only all-in-one dealer software instead of having to log into multiple vendors.

You can add users, create company emails for them, give them cloud storage and calendar access, select their department and set their permissions.

This gives your full control of your dealership.
Will I lose any emails I have right now?
Not at all, you will not experience any email downtime or loss.
How long does the suite take to set up?
We can have your entire dealership set up and live in less than 10 minutes!
I check my emails on Gmail or other providers, is this a problem?
Of course. We'll make sure your professional is set up with any other provider if you choose.
Can I receive emails to my mobile devices?
Of course, the entire phone system is digital and accessible from any browser or device.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No, our dealer dealer phone system software is month-to-month. No contracts, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees!